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The New Saltwater Fish Tank - Pictures

Currently, the tank contains:
1 ocellaris clown, 1 coral beauty angelfish, 3 green chromis, 1 royal gramma, 2 cleaner shrimp, 6 hermit crabs, 1 emerald mythrax crab, and 14-18 snails (3 types)
Also, pearl coral, hammer coral and star polyp (green) coral

Click to Enlarge (and good quality)

The three kids

Closeup of clown

Closeup of firefish

Two shrimp

Clows, firefish and shrimp in the back

Firefish and clown

Firefish and clowns

Closeup of clowns

My cool little emerald crab

Good lookin hermit crab (just chillin)

Mr. Cleaner shrimp

Cleaner with Clown

Another one of the full tank

Full tank again with shrimp and clowns

More of the emerald crab

He's kind of creepy

Firefish in tank

Clown and Mr. Firefish

Now I've added some corals, Makes a big difference
Had to take back the emerald crab and the second clown fish, they were causing trouble

Here's the new tank with almost all the new stuff showing

Mr. shrimp about to start hassling the pearl coral

A closeup of my royal gramma

This thing is crazy. Flipping and flopping all day - Goniopora coral

I call this "firefish in the hole"

A shot of the side with some of the kids

A closeup of my pearl coral

The famous pumping xenia

Another closeup of the clown

Side view

He looks scary

The clown, and chromis with gramma in the back

Another shot of my xenia

Just a rock, but a nice shot

A closeup of one of the green chromis

The whole tank, looking good!

Many many months later...
Have some new corals now and moved some things around.

Nice looking hammer coral

Great shot of my Star Polyp Coral

Another sot with a whole bunch of stuff

Nice little group shot


The hammer coral, a shroom, bit of the perl, some chromis, and even a peak at my coral beauty angel in the back.

Another shot of the whole tank