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The Great Catalina Trip - Pictures

Click to Enlarge (and good quality)

Holy crap, look at this view from Drine's porch (sunrise)

Same view in the afternoon

Pretty beaches in Catalina (shark beach)

More of the same

Hey, everyone looks goofy with snorkel gear

Monko looks pretty funny

Sandrine, the Catalina hottie!

The roomies - Drine and Ruth

Now we look like Navy Seals

And, now we don't

Monko and Jeff Cayaking

Drine, lookin like a badass
Jeff doesn't know what's going on

Penguin Monko
Wearin' the lucky penguin

Penguin Block

Again at Shark beach

Splash splash

Monko swimming in between two huge pieces of seaweed

Block, away from the seaweed

Here we are snorkeling

And, this is what we saw

Our new buddy, Alex - brrrr

Driney and Block, enjoying the boat ride


Drine, the fox, and the trainer guy

So cute

Still cute

Hey buddy!

Lets see if we can catch the sea lion - nope

Ruth, talking to one of her Men

The lower boat house, home of Sandrine and Ruth
So cool, pretty rough life

Drine, lookin like a pro

She does it all ladies and gentelmen

Don't worry, it's a mola

See, here he is

One more "water crashing against the rocks" shot

Goodbye Catalina

Thanks to the people who took care of us in Catalina - you know who you are!